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Ultra Trim 350 benefits


Our capsules have a special patented design that allow for proper encapsulation of ingredients and an optimum (and natural) dissolving process that takes seconds.

Ultra Trim 350 benefits


Forskolin is a labdane diterpene produced by the Coleus Forskohlii plant. Simply put, this means our main ingredient comes straight from mother earth herself and we are proud of it.

ultra trim 350 benefits


You can rest assured, every bottle and capsule is manufactured here in the USA at our state-of-the-art facility and packaged according to full GMP standard guidelines.

Ultra Trim 350 bottles

30 Day money back guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll like our product that we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with it, send it back for a full refund. It’s that simple.


Ultra-Trim 350 harnesses the power of a natural ingredient called Forskolin. In the wild, this ingredient can be found in exotic jungles stemming from beautifully decorated purple flowers. To the science community's delight, this ingredient was not just "beautiful on the outside". When Forskolin is properly extracted from the rare plants (which is no easy feat), the ingredient can be a true game changer.

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The Power of Forskolin.

This miraculous ingredient has been hydraulically-extracted from the rare Coleus Forskohlii plant and the pure ingredient is in each Ultra-Trim 350 Capsule.

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Real Science.

From our patented quick-dissolving capsules that ensure proper deliverability of nutrients, to the natural wonder of the forskolin ingredient itself, everything in Ultra-Trim 350 works because of the undeniable science behind it.

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As part of a special Summer Promotion we are running, you can try Ultra-Trim 350 today for 75% off the retail price. Why are we doing this? Well, we are so confident in our product that we decided to do the biggest price slash we could possibly do - without losing money of course - because we hope once you see the results for yourself that you will spread the word to friends and family!

What Our Customers Are Saying!

Ultra Trim 350 customer

“I purchased Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin to enhance the effects of my diet. I've been taking it as directed for the last 3 weeks and can already see a "leaner" me! I chose this brand because of the concentration of the product compared to other brands. I am VERY impressed so far!”

Margaret G. - Full Time Mom
Ultra Tim 350 customer for 6 Months
*Individual Results May Vary

Ultra Trim 350 customer

“I was recommended Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin by a close friend and decided to give it a try. After having three children, I was very skeptical that anything could help me get back to the body I used to have. Wow, was I wrong! I’ve seen incredible results so far and will be back to the body I had before having kids in no time!”

Kathy L. - Entrepreneur
Ultra Trim 350 customer for 4 Weeks
*Individual Results May Vary

Ultra Trim 350 customer

“I began taking this product about a month ago and I have definitely noticed a decrease in fat and an increase in lean muscle. Plus I have more energy for my workouts, which only leads to more fat burning and muscle growth. I am absolutely, 100% satisfied with my Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin!”

Jamie Rodriguez - Marketing Assistant
Ultra Trim 350 customer for 2 Months
*Individual Results May Vary

Why Ultra Trim 350?

What is cAMP?

cAMP helps your body burn fat by stimulating the production of enzymes and hormones that fuel your metabolism and burn excess calories.. This prevents you from adding new fat and melts away existing fat for an increase in energy.

Forskolin raises thyroid hormone levels and testosterone levels, which naturally leads to an increase in both fat burning and lean body mass. The increase in testosterone promotes more efficient protein synthesis, which aids in lean muscle growth.

The cAMP in Forskolin activates protein kinase, which is involved in the breakdown of the building blocks of fatty tissues known as triglycerides. Having a lower amount of triglycerides is hugely beneficial to your overall health.

alpha gpc


From patented capsule design to a hydraulic-extraction process, Ultra-Trim 350 is all about the science from A-Z.



An exceptionally rare and difficult to obtain ingredient that provides the foundation for the powerful Ultra-Trim 350 formula.

huperzine a

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HOW DOES Ultra-Trim 350 COMPARE to others?

Ultra-Trim 350 has many imitators, but make no mistake about it - we are the original. You won't find any of the "other guys" using our patented quick-dissolve capsules, going our of their way to hydraulically-extract the most pure ingredients, or paying the extra bucks to assemble everything in the USA following strict GMP standards. We go the extra mile because we care, and we know you'll appreciate it when you try Ultra-Trim 350.

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